Inactive Well Management

Oil and gas regulations outline inspection and downhole work requirements for inactive wells. Stay on top of these requirements and move from being reactive to proactive. Submit the complete work details to the regulators with ease using the ClearCompliance Submission section. Report and plan your work based your own well hierarchies

Surface Casing Vent Flow Management

SCVFs are a tough problem to solve in the oil and gas industry.  ClearCompliance will monitor all aspects of vent flows including serious repairs, all testing requirements, and we track waivers, their expiries and their specific testing requirements.

Liability Management

Find reported liability that no longer exists. ClearCompliance compares field verified data with the reported liability to short list problem areas.

Abandonment, Reclamation and Remediation Tracking

Organize and track wells requiring surface abandonments.  Find locations with outstanding reclamation and remediation work.  Stay organised and ensure your locations are returned to their original state.

Field Inspection Tablets

Gather all sorts of field data using ruggedized tablets.  Capture photos and GPS details.  No need for an internet connection.

Inactive Pipeline Management

Simplify managing pipeline discontinuations, ClearCompliance determines when discontinuations are needed and forecast discontinuations 6 month in advance.

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